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We are Danny, Murielle and our son Jarne. We live in a little village Oudenburg (Westkerke) in Belgium and have a great love for Flatcoated Retrievers. In 1999 "Sam" came to live with us. Ysam Dark Sensation “Sam” was our first Flatcoated Retriever who died at the early age of 4. This gave us a lot of grief but with the arrival of Sam came our love for the breed and we haven't regret it yet. For the moment we have 3 beautiful dogs who are doing well at show and in hunting. Rebel is our eldest. Rebel has achieved everything we wanted on show, workingtests and Field Trials. Rebel is getting older so Danny and Rebel enjoy each other’s company when they go hunting in the fall and winter. Ice is the son of Rebel. Ice did very well on show and in hunting.

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For the moment we are training obedience and enjoying each other’s company. In fall and winter Ice will accompany Danny in the huntingfield. Finn is our youngest one and is trained by Danny. For the moment they are training for the workingtest season and Field Trails 2016. But ... the most important thing is that we take a lot of joy in our dogs. The Flatcoated Retriever is a wonderful, cheerful breed full of naughty tricks and impassioned drive. We both train our dogs with the "clicker" which gave us already a lot of satisfaction. We both are licensed instructors in obedience. ( diploma KMSH ) We both love to train our dogs and to participate in competitions. We show our dogs on a regular basis and are active in training our Flatcoated Retrievers for hunting . Yes, we are addicted to our naughty Flats. Beware ! The Flatcoated-virus is contagious ! Danny, Murielle and Jarne